Dog Diaries 9: Sparky by Kate Klimo
Dog Diaries 9: Sparky

Meet Fire dog veteran of the Great Chicago Fire in Kate Klimo’s Sparky!

“In this Dog Diaries–meets–Horse Diaries Special Crossover Edition, a no-nonsense fire dog meets her match in the biggest, hottest flames Chicago has ever seen—and a rescue horse with an attitude! In the 1800s, firefighters used horses to pull fire trucks. But horses spook easily and run away from fire—so they needed fire dogs. And there’s no better fire dog than Sparky. Sparky is so good at her job, she knows when the alarm is going to ring before it even rings!

“But today is no ordinary day. There’s no choice but to put Cinders—a rescue horse with an attitude—to work at her very first fire, one destined to become one of the greatest disasters of the nineteenth century! With realistic black-and-white illustrations and an appendix including information about Dalmatians, the Great Chicago Fire, and more, this is historical fiction for kids who don’t like historical fiction, and a perfect choice for supporting Common Core State Standards.” —Google Play

For the horse’s side of the story, read Horse Diaries Special Edition: Cinders.

Dog Diaries 9: Sparky by Kate Klimo

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