Labor Pains

They had little in common—except their expanding waistlines, and their Lamaze class. From conception (and a few preconceptions and misconceptions as well) to the Big Event, five plucky, independent women help each other through nine months of morning sickness maternity clothes, mid-wifery, motherhood….and, of course, men.

Meet the corporate powerhouse, the single mother, the nice Jewish girl, the bored executive’s housewife, the good Irish Catholic…all join the baby boom in this heartwarming sometimes heart wrenching, novel about living, loving, and reproducing.

“Kate Klimo has captured the experience perfectly.” —Chicago Tribune

“Breezy…amusing and intriguing….as addicting as pickles and ice cream are rumored to be among expectant mothers.” —Denver Post

U.S.: Crown Publishers (hardcover); Ballantine Books (paperback)

France: Acropole

Germany: Knaur